Monitoring Android apps and threats

Last weekend, I hardly used my phone (I know, an IT professional who doesn’t use his phone on weekends!?). However, I noticed something peculiar; my battery kept draining as if I was using it.

This didn’t seem right. My curiosity led me to investigate because thats obviously what Batman would do, and when in doubt, channel your inner Batman.  Continue reading Monitoring Android apps and threats

Creating a Drupal module new release

  1. Clone your module as the maintainer
  2. use git branch to see what branch is active, if needed switch to the correct branch or create a new branch
  3. list the tags in the branch using: git tag –list
  4. add a new tag using the command: git tag tag_name
  5. make the necessary changes to your files, save and commit changes.
  6. push the changes to your tag: git push origin tag tag_name
  7. then finally, push your changes to drupal:  git push origin name_of_current_branch

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Do you have your phone number on Facebook?

people you may know
people you may know

I asked this question in class the other day “Does anyone here use the People You May Know feature on Facebook?”. 90% of the class said “yes”.

And these are cyber security professionals.

So what can go wrong with this feature?


Let’s assume, hypothetically of course, you have a session with your psychologist.
And let’s assume again you also have his/her phone number in your phone (coz you know, it’s too much of a hassle to memorize phone numbers nowadays).

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Switching from Windows to a Mac – Week 1


I’ve always been a Windows PC user and recently decided to try using an iMac (27 inch 5k display, real nice I must say).

I will chronicle some of the losses and wins I have encountered in the following weeks.

Mac “losses” to point out:

1. Software – I use WinSCP as my sftp tool, this doesn’t exist on Mac, so I am reduced to using FileZilla (which sucks by the way). This is just one of the many obstacles I have encountered so far.

2. Screenshots – Who in their right mind would like to take a screenshot by using 3 or 4 key combo? Here is an example of how to take a screenshot on a Mac “Shift + Command + 3″… wait … or is it “Command + shift + 1”, no …. its definitely… Well I don’t know! Its not suppose to be this hard! What happened to the “Print Screen” button!

3. Reloading a web page – we all know …. well, the rest of the world uses F5 to reload a web page (established in 1901, by Christopher Columbus). Why would I use a two key combo? I had to learn how to bind my keyboard F5 to reload a web page on Chrome. Mind you, this can be done per web browser.

4. Delete forward and back – you need a different keyboard for this. By default, the small Mac keyboard doesn’t come with the delete forward button.

5. Right clicking – By default, this is not set-up. You have to set it up yourself or use “Command” click for right clicking … again, why?

These are some of the small things I found interesting for my iMac, yours may come with better features … I don’t know. But I just about almost twisted my neck from shaking my head at my screen.  Continue reading Switching from Windows to a Mac – Week 1

Set your Windows 10 machine to these privacy settings

Previously I encouraged some of you to upgrade to Windows 10 (which is a good move in general).

However I forgot to warn of certain settings that Microsoft Doesn’t tell you about.

Well, they Do tell you in page 1 million and five of their user agreement (the little check-box we hastily agree to before we install Windows 10).
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WhatsApp will finally share your data with Facebook ;-)

WhatsApp will share data with Facebook

This is sad news for me because the only reason I use WhatsApp is that its encrypted and they respect people’s privacy.

Well that and the fact that all my friends are on it.

The new version has a new setting in the Account section, that says “Share my account info.”

This setting will send the user’s WhatsApp data to Facebook servers “to improve [their] Facebook experiences” of course.

Good news is this is so far a check box and you have the option to turn it on or off and above all by default it is turned off!

Well, we dont know how long this check box option will last.  Continue reading WhatsApp will finally share your data with Facebook 😉